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No emails in last 3 weeks :(

Well I was busy with reconstructing the house and the main bathroom and in this period nameservers of my server went down, so I did not get any emails sent from websites :( so if you sent an email in this last 3 weeks period, please do send it again. I read and reply to all emails since your emails are valuable to me :)

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Who is going to send me 500 SMS to crash me down?

I know this will sound funny after I have complained Appletards not fixing the sms exploit BUT Downloading whole 3.0.1, restoring then Jailbreaking with 3.0 and performing cydia upgrades, then personalizing the phone, adding applications all over, customizing ringtones and music is too much hassle for me to do for two phones now. I mean who is going to send 500 text messages to me to crash my stupid phones, I barely use them and only my close friends have my new numbers plus I don't have that much of a jerk friends :) or enemies. So until a worth for it update, it is a pass from lazy me.

PS: Title is not a challange it is an actual question :)


To Blogging and Infinity..

Welcome to my blog like website like blog :)

Well I say that because I really dont blog. I spend time on some other stuff instead of posting stuff about my life and stuff.  I had-have a personal dev website to display projects and services and news etc  but I left it alone too long now I am too lazy to go back and kiss it all better.  So thats why I am finally doing some website or blogging.