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Welcome to ImHuman project

Lets guide you to the way. Follow these road map for more guidance on the way.

1st The Post ImHuman - a Humanized “Are you human?” checker

Not everything clear? then

2nd Frequently Asked Questions

I guess you got the idea of what project is and what it does.

Now you can go to your control panel and get your keys.

3rd Your Control panel

Now you got your keys and want to contribute to the project?

4th How to add How to add tags and How to add Humanizers

You have more to give? then

5th Support us and Donate

If you want to implement your own ways and want to improve how things work or give it a tweak, make suggestions, report bugs then learn about the simple API

6th API Reference

Look at an example and start writing your own with your language.

7th Documentation and sample mockup

Need any more guidance? or lack of information? Drop me an email and I will respond asap.

8th Contact me

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  1. Hi there, this is a great plugin! I installed the update. I had it set up similarly to how you do below – and now it isn’t working like that anymore. I tried with the javascript and CSS that came with the package, and then tried with the ones on this page, and it still isn’t happening. Would you mind taking a look? Here is an example page. http://nerdface.net/2009/06/11/find-my-iphone-almost-insanely-great/

  2. @stgermaniac

    Because you are using jquery in wordpress… mode jQuery is defined but $ is not a function.

    Error: $ is not a function
    Source File: http://nerdface.net/wp-content/plugins/imhuman-a-humanized-captcha/js/imhuman.js
    Line: 8

    You can replace the $ function with jQuery in the .js file and it will act normally.

  3. I really enjoy this plug in, as it’s simple and fun. It was not difficult to set up, once you figure out the steps. I’ve written an expanded version of the installation instructions that should help people who, like me, aren’t all that technical:

    1. Upload “imhuman” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin
    3. Edit comments template php file in your active theme.
    – It will be something like /wp-content/themes/YourActiveTheme/comments.php
    – This file contains HTML code that dictates what your comment form looks like. You should insert &lt?php imhuman_render($post-&gtID); ?> somewhere between the and tags. Usually people put the captcha at the bottom, just before the submit button
    4. Go get your ImHuman API user and key to activate the service.
    a. Go to http://www.elxsy.com and register (Under ‘Menu’ on the right)
    b. Log in to http://www.elxsy.com and go to the Control Panel (under ‘Pages’ -> ‘ImHuman’). Click on Create Website then add your website URL and IP address.
    c. Now go click on “My Websites” in the Control panel. Here you’ll see your API User and API Key.
    5. Go back to your blog’s WordPress Admin, and configure the plugin in the “Plugins”->”ImHuman Settings” menu. Put in your API User and API key.

    cenOTapH : Thanks for the explanation Iain

  4. hi cenOTapH,

    Thanks for the great plugin.. i’ve added the plugin on my wordpress site.. but nothing is appearing.. this is weird.. I dunno whats wrong.. there are no errors thrown.. could you have a look?

    The site: http://krizalis.net/2009/06/26/the-news-that-brokelagged-the-internet/



  5. @krizalis

    I have checked your website and did a manual trigger because you have Javascript errors on your website and Plugin works fine. See in the image.


    You need to fix this Javascript errorsin your website. They are not connected with the ImHuman plugin.

    styleSheet is undefined
    Line 45

    [Exception... "'Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@rel*=flickr-mgr]' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)" location: "" data: no]

    Line 0

    jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function
    Line 348

  6. Thx mate! looks like the problem lies with the Flickr-Manager Plugin I was using.. I’ve deactivated and removed that plugin.. Since I’m not loading any photos from Flickr anymore, I wont be using that plugin anymore.. Thanks for your help man! Also, I’ve fixed other JS errors too :) which is great :) Thanks a bunch mate~

  7. I have put a plug-in, have registered in a file comments.php gtID);?>
    When I write comments displays an error
    Error: please select the correct humanizers
    Prompt in what a problem?

  8. Hi there,

    I got this working on my site (well almost), but the images are all dimmed and I can not select any. What would cause the images to be dimmed?


  9. Hi cenOTapH..

    I don’t know if you have noticed but.. It seems the plugin is installed correctly and running.. but there are no Flickr images loaded.. Not even the text which asks for the things to be clicked on like Cats, Dogs, Violins etc etc.. Is this a ImHuman server problem or Flickr related problem?

    • oh thanks for the heads up since I had checked “disable for members” option I did not see if humanizers are not working.

      I have updated the wordpress last night to last build and its new variables clashed with variables of api. Little change on api’s core did the job :)

  10. hi cenOTapH..
    Me again :)

    Was wondering.. Is it possible to modify your plugin so that I can use this ImHuman captcha on other forms (other than just comments)?

    For example, I am doing a contact us form.. and I want to have that ImHuman functionality on that form.. Which part of the plugin do I have to look into to do the changes? :)

    Thanks !

    • Hey krizalis,

      I assume you wanna use it in wp? Because wp doesnt come with a default contact form you are going to get a new plugin or write yourself, in two conditions this should be the path to follow:

      1 duplicate the plugin with a new name
      2 make sure your contact plugin have a SUBMIT field with an ID of submit
      3 you may need to remove the if( is_singular() ){ check in line 43.
      4 remove the $ID = intval($_GET['ID']); and any related $ID variable following the line 51.
      5 you need to copy/paste/integrate the contents of function imhuman_preprocess_comment($comment) { function into your contact plugin’s check process.

      Its an easy process takes time depending on your contact plugin, hope you will be able to do it.

      • Hi cenOTapH,

        Thanks for the quick reply and help.. I think I can manage what you said.. However, I’m already using your ImHuman Plugin for my posts comments.. If I were to duplicate another instance of the plugin with another name, would the functions created within that duplicated version be in conflict with the original plugin I used for my posts comments? Should I rename all the functions? Also, does your plugin create tables in the database to store the settings? If it does, wouldn’t the duplicated plugin would create the same tables and thus have conflict too?

        Please advice! :)



        • Well yes of course you are right :) u need to raname the functions like imhuman_contact_etc_etc with the settings variables as well. it does not create tables, uses wordpress settings system.

          • Hi cenOTapH,

            Thanks again for such a fast response! Thanks for the confirmation.. I will try it out.. If it works then I’ll have to give all my credits to you :)



  11. This looks like great plugin but I am getting a Error: please select the correct humanizers everytime I try to submit a comment, even when the correct images are selected. Any suggestions?

    Also can this be used for user registration?


    • Does your hosting have PHP 5 and sessions enabled? I guess problems occurs with that or maybe some other wp plugin gets in the way of comment processing.

      Yes you can use it anywhere (not talking about wordpress). I am using this ImHuman on my several sites for any kind of captcha operation

  12. I am using PHP 5.2.11 and session support is enabled.

    I will try disabling every plugin one by one to determine whether or not another plugin is conflicting. I will post the result here.

  13. p.s. how did you add it to your registration form?


  14. I tried disabling every plugin with no success. I suspect it’s something to do with my theme. Is there someway I can manually enter the code in to comments.php in WordPress.

    • Not in wordpress, I code my own systems. I have used the simple class I have provided in the docs section.

      Yeah I forgot to mention your theme, mb some javascript error, good catch. Post your url and I will have a look.

      Not for this or any plugin, dont manually edit your core system files.

      • Thanks for offering to take a look. I don’t know where to look next.

        It’s vivalashermans dot co dot uk

        • I forgot to mention: feel free to try to post some comments on the site. No name or email is required. I can clean up the comments later.

        • Everything seems normal although

          6d2083	1f71093cc4bc
          author	cenOTapH
          b45426	56458b88eba6
          b6be66	573ea255be92
          comment	This is a test
          comment_parent	0
          comment_post_ID	202
          comment_post_ID	202
          email	mail@mail.com
          url	elxsy.com

          You have two comment_post_ID in your form, one of them should not be there and it is not coming from imhuman plugin.

          Remove one of them from your theme.
          Try to isntall unmodified plugin file, maybe you made a typo somewhere along the line while modifying.

          If that still not solve the problem, no worries we can make a lil debug and solve it.

          • There was a comment_post_ID in comments.php which I commented out.

            I deactivated the plugin, deleted the files then reinstalled.

            Unfortunately the same problem.

            Where should I add debug?


        • after line 77 add

          • I’ve added the debug.

            One thing I noticed I had to re-save the user and API key information after going away for a while then revisiting the site.

            For your information I created a file with phpinfo() at vivalashermans dot co dot uk/phpinfo.php

        • ok paste the same code into line 126 (old one 125) which is after

          Everything looks ok and working.. very weird that it is still giving error..

          ohh damn where is my mind.. maybe something to do with wordpress that you disabled the name, mail and site requirements for posting a comment?

          And there are still 2 comment_post_ID variables..

          • I realised I overwrote comments.php with a backup which put the second comment_post_ID variable in there, it’s now out again.

            I tried the following:

            Enabled the requirement for a name and email address

            Using a different theme (the WordPress default)

            Still the same.

            Maybe a setting in php.ini?

            after putting print_r I am now getting an error after posting a comment (looks like its changing the URL).


        • I dont think it is a setting issue unless wp core is changed to work with that as well..

          It is just get the keys from post and session then do some small calculations thats it.

          If you can give me a FTP access to your website I ll solve it in a flash. Also curious what the heck is the problem.

          • Unfortunately I can only have one FTP account using this hosting package.

            If you register on the blog I could change your role to Administator. That way you would be able to edit the PHP files via the WordPress dashboard.

            If you reply back on here with your username that you used I will change your role.

            I appreciate your help. I guess it’s something simple.

          • Yeah that is fine also, username : cenOTapH

          • I’ve changed your role to Administrator. Feel free to try things out. I have a backup if things go wrong.


          • Well as it seems your hosting cant keep the session vars or any other db vars because it is having memory problems.

            Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32967 bytes) in /home/vivalash/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 959

            maybe due to inefficient hosting or some not well coded plugin, updates you made.

            If you want to change to a reliable hosting let me know via contact.

  15. Seems the site was down earlier, causing the plugin not to work properly, i.e. no comments could be posted. I had to disable it on the two blogs I am using it on and would like if it is now safe to re-enable it? Thanks, SY

    • Websites were up and functioning, I know from server records. No error or anomaly reported in the logs. I dont know the reason of the malfunction but maybe flickr was down in your area? If happens again please let me know.

  16. Will do, thanks for the response! SY

  17. It is just get the keys from post and session then do some small calculations thats it.

  18. This is a great plugin. But im having problem making it to work. The image doesn’t load… just a blank gray square. i have jquery. so i dont know what’s the problem… Any ideas?

  19. not work in http://stupid-blog.ru (((

    no form!

  20. is this plugin still functioning, or is it long time dead already?
    There is no way to get this working (or at least showing) in the last WP Version, and it’s also impossible to asign or add those tags and Humanizers …
    The buttons in the control panel (section add humanizers) are dead and incative, you can click as much as you wish and nothing happens (already tried in more browsers, so that’s not the issue …)

    Anyone please feedbak?

  21. I was running FT-facepress and ImHuman – Humanized captcha together until I upgraded to 2.9.2 and made the most recent upgrades to all of my plugins as well. Now I appear to have a conflict between the 2 that gives and error

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/c/g/a/cgabhart/html/wp-content/plugins/ft-facepress-7/FT-Facepress.php:56) in /home/content/c/g/a/cgabhart/html/wp-content/plugins/imhuman-a-humanized-captcha/imhuman.php on line 39

    that seems to go away once I disable 1 or the other.

    I need help fixing this, I can design themes and install plugins but I’m not savvy at the script code.

    website is

    • I never used facepress but guess it is using sessions also.. we already have the session check not to interfere with other plugins such as
      function imhuman_set_session(){

      Addind this kind of check to the facepress plugin before line 56 should do the trick

  22. I went back to the previous version of FT Facepress and there is no longer an issue but I would love to know how to resolve it. I think it is a change in the Facepress vs ImHuman but their comments are no working today. :(

  23. great idea very well done

  24. How do you actually register for an API key. I’ve spent 30 minutes looking for it.

    • Same here! Pretty ridiculous. There should be a “Get API key” link clearly on the front page and in the navigation. I thought I was clearly overlooking something then I saw your comment. And considering it has been a month and there has been no reply to your comment, I’m wondering if anyone is even reading these.

  25. So how do you get a key for the plugin?

  26. This is a great plugin. i think im gonna change to something boring

  27. Hello. Plugin is not work on registration a new user. Please Help. (WordPress 2.9.2)
    Thanks for attention

    • Are you using it as new user registration anti spammer? if so the wordpress plugin is only developed for comments section, if you have some knowledge of wordpress feel free to edit/publish the user registration part as well.

  28. Hi, i have tried to get this work – but now look –
    i have installed WP Version 3.0.4 and Plugin Version 0.0.9.
    But there comes no ImHuman things…

    I think it has to do with some new systems of the comment system:
    the standard twentyten theme have only a

    line in your comments.php.

    so the tip from IainR (http://www.elxsy.com/imhuman/#comment-34)
    to fill in the ID); ?> is not doing –
    i tryed it and have filled in this line before and a as second test after the comment_form(); entry.
    This both only brought up five empty fields with a check box in the right bottom edge.

    I hope there is some nice solution – i like the idea of the system very much.

    PS: there is a problem i see at the ‘Please Select All heart(s) under this comment filed:
    one of the images says ‘This photo is currently unavailable flickr’ – hm I think there is some work to do…

    luminous greetings
    Leuchtende Grüße


  29. And considering it has been a month and there has been no reply to your comment, I’m wondering if anyone

  30. Is it possible to register here?

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