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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ImHuman and meaning and why and hows?

Please visit the ImHuman post or ImHuman page for all the details you have been asking.

What is the properties of ImHuman API?

It is a PHP - MYSQL driven, public access, operating on HTTP GET method, language independent, JSON outputting API

Why am I required to register if it is public access then?

Well dear visitor, I really do not need your registration or email adress you have provided. As you know there are tons of useless and harmful people over the internet and unfortunately some of them will want to take down something that serves the public and requires no fees for its services.

First, API already knows who is accessing it, from where and when without you providing your identification anyways but an identification is double check so we can know who is abusing the service and who do not. So we can deny access to those harmful people, bots, programs while keeping you and your website safe and with up to date humanizers as fast as possible.

Secondly, if you have several websites you don't have to register for each one of them. You can create as many access keys as you want. And if you update, change your website or forgot your keys, you dont need a new key, you will be able to see your keys anytime you want.

Why is Website IP required in website creation? and how can find it?

We require website IP for security purposes and your own good. It is disabled for now because the API is new and people will want to try it on their local servers etc.

So when you request a new set of humanizers, we check your identification and your incoming IP address with the one you have provided. Even Identifications matches we deny the access when the IP doesn't match. This usually means someone stole your keys and trying to access with your user credentials from a different host.

If you don't know how to find your website address, please visit http://www.whoishostingthis.com/ and enter your domain, you will see the IP address information.

What is the meaning of the information under My Websites pages?

This table shows your API user & key values for each website you have created. You can access the API with those values and given API Client.

What is "Humanizer" ?

A Humanizer is a term I made up. a Humanizer consists of an image source (url) , unique name and unique value. We use these 1 x 3 array(s) to construct our grid and perform security checks on the results.

What is a Tag?

A tag is a label, identification or category for the humanizers.

How to add Tags?

How to add tags

How to add Humanizers?

How to add Humanizers

I liked the project and want to support you, put a little bit of salt in the soup as well, what can I do?

There are several ways you can help the project and its public service.

1 Spread the word.

Link to our service documents from your website.

Publish news, articles, codes about ImHuman and properties in your blog, website.

Put up ImHuman banners in your website.

2 Support us to make the API database bigger, more secure and fun of course!

Add tags and humanizers to the API whenever you have some free time in your hands, or want to browse some pictures.

Bigger the API database bigger the fun and more secure human checks.

3 Support us Financially

We are providing a public access API, free services with SQL which requires large bandwith, several FAST CPU servers, big RAMs and fast connection lines. Large bandwidth and powerful webhosting is expensive.

If you have some amount to spare, please make a donation. Donation is one of the beautiful things where size really doesn't matter.We will publish your name in the thanks / supporters page unless you don't want to be listed.

Or, you can sponsor us and the project and | or it's parts. We will put up your banners as our project sponsors.

4 Help us making ImHuman global by translating it in to your own language

ImHuman API relies on ENGLISH language for now. Prepared documents are also in english only. If you have some spare time, translate some of our documents or API responses in your own language and become listed as the translator of that part.

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  1. Hi Elxsy!

    I just installed your API, and I found one problem the second I tried it.
    If i fail to select the correct pictures, I get an error page “Error: please select the correct humanizers”.

    When I hit the browser back button, my comment text is gone, it has disappeared.
    Please advice.

  2. Hi, how can i tanslate only tags to get tags (%WORD%) in Russian?

  3. @fdzkuz

    Convert the tags listed on the “Add Humanizers” to Russian and email them to me via contact menu.

    Then we will add russian support for ImHuman also.

  4. ??, I will do it. How can I replace error massage “Error: please select the correct humanizers” in the code? When I do it, the plagin does not work.

  5. Open the plugin file, goto line 143

    Find this line

    wp_die( __("Error: please select the correct humanizers"));

    Change the text withing the quotes. Do not touch the rest and save.

  6. I’ve sent the translation to you (all nonzero tags). “Mario” – what’s it, marionette?

    I’ve allready changed the text before withing the quotes in wp_die( __(“Error: please select the correct humanizers”)); – “error in code line 100” masage and something else.

  7. OK, I’ve solved the problem with error masage.

  8. wich format do I follow for a translation? something like…
    car = carro
    cow = vaca

    In a text file

  9. @soker

    Yes, you can use the format original tag=translated tag and email the result to me of course stating which language it is. We currently have English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

  10. Hi there..I love this Plugin and thx for creating it. I have istalled it fine on other sites (that I don’t use any more) and I am having trouble installing now? I got my keys and did the steps in install instructions and worked the settings nothing…at all as if I did not install…I have tried to figure it out but hmmm, I haven’t yet, any ideas?

    thx again :)

    • 1 Do you have jquery on the blog?
      2 Try changing your wordpress theme to default one? Some themes are not formatted correctly so plugin may not activate itself.

  11. I can’t seem to get this to work. I am hosting at 1and1.com and the error I get on my website is:

    Call to undefined function: json_decode()

    Any idea what I might be able to do to fix this? Do I need to get the json library and place it somewhere? Is there a way to tell if I have it installed?

    • Hi Pete

      I guess you are using PHP 4, which doesnt include json library by default. You can switch to php 5 or you can download the json class from json.org for php and include into the plugin file or you can download a previous version of plugin like 0.0.6 and get the json php files from there. They are under php/ folder all named json.

      You can check your php information with creationg a php file and calling a function phpinfo(); that will print out all your php settings and libraries.

  12. love the plugin but i have recently become enamored with Intense Debate, http://intensedebate.com/ and noticed they have no plugin for captcha/recaptcha and thought imhuman would be awesome for that. but since i’m (let’s say 51% inept at coding) i wanted to bring the suggestion to you.

    just a suggestion… :) …. albeit an awesome one.

    • if intensedebate obeys the framework laws of wp, yes it can be done but I guess your comments and all the html content comes from intensedebate website under your membership information..

  13. Hi cenOTapH..

    Thanks for the great plugin.. I have found out that some wordpress blogs (like the current one I’m working on), have their comment forms on the main page.. Meaning there are multiple comment form for multiple blog posts (usually photography blogs). So, I realized your plugin only works if it is on a “is_single” page instead of on the index (front page) with many posts & its comment forms.. Is there anyways I can edit the plugin to make it work for all the comment forms on the front page?

  14. I had the plugin briefly installed at my site. I didn’t like the behavior after a comment was submitted as it redirected me to a http;//mydomain.com/comment.php with a comment number. It was weird.

    Thanks for writing the plugin. It could be that I didn’t read through all the fixes but, when time is a premium commodity, we have to use what works quickly without a lot of research. I found another solution.

    • I think your blog was not setup to use clean urls? Because as you can see in my blog nothing is gets redirected to comments.php or any file.. it works as how the blog is configured

  15. How to translade to spanish?

  16. Some images not found in the view.

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