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How to add Humanizers

Humanizer adding steps

  1. Decide on your tag
    1. Select one tag if it exists previously
    2. Add new tag if it doesn't exist
  2. Search for humanizer pictures. type a tag or query and click on "Search"
    • While searching you may need to combine tags through flickr database. for example if you search for cat, you will find cat pictures and woman pictures also, weird huh? well you know which ones to select. If you are searching for apple you will find fruit apple and shitty computer brand apple of course. To eliminate this you need to write "apple,fruit"
  3. Select the images with the properties and to(s) not to(s) described below
  4. Select the tag you want to assign them
  5. Click on "Add selected Humanizers" button and your humanizers will be added. You will see the added ones in green border now
  6. Go to next page and repeats steps 4 and 5
How to Add Humanizers

How to Add Humanizers

Properties of Good and Bad Humanizers

  1. They are clearly visible.Since they are 75 x 75 they need to be clear and close shot images
    1. Sample size

      Sample size

  2. They include only one object,animal, tag. Like no pictures with cat and dog. only a cat or only a dog.
    1. Sample category

      Sample category in one picture

  3. No branches. Well lion is a cat too and your home cat is a cat too. Only home cats then if the tag says "cat" and only lions if the tag says "lion".You can see the result I made for a search with the query, tag equal to cat. It includes some tigers also
    1. Sample multi categories

      Sample multi categories

Do added humanizers published immediately?

No all tags and humanizers go through an 1 by 1 audit procedure to make sure no one messes around and data is separable.

Any more questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask.

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  1. Control Panel >> Add Humanizers? Is this where I’m supposed to see the above example? The ‘add humanizer’ page on here doesn’t allow me to click and add antyhing. ??

  2. Is there a way to suggest images to be removed? I love ImHuman because it’s so much more fun than typing random strings of characters. With bots getting better at decoding captchas, the characters are getting pretty hard for ME to read as well. Anyway, my issue: nearly half the time ImHuman loads images on my site, 1 of them is missing (I get a Flickr “image not found” error). I can usually figure it out because I know how many of the thing there are supposed to be, but I can’t expect random visitors to figure it out.

    • Yes flickr thing is getting annoying but we can now suggest to remove any because it always rotates the errors so I have 2 solutions in my find first to provide a refresh button and second one is simply “if flickr is sending the error image get a new one” method but I havent got into it.

  3. But nothing works! The buttons are not active, how am I supposed to add anything !?!?!?

  4. cenOTapH, i can’t select Humanizers,because buttons are inactive:(

  5. WordPress version is 3.2.1

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