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ImHuman multilanguage and new wordpress plugin

While trying to overcome problems at SuperNo's blog which were mainly due to older PHP version, I had the chance to put the project into second gear thanks to SuperNo. ImHuman now speaks french :) ! all you need to do is to add


Parameters in to your request string where LANG_CODE can be en or fr for now. If you would like to see it in your own language contact me.

I am going to update the repository in couple minutes. New wordpress plugin features are:

  • Requires PHP5, reduced in size.
  • works with AJAX, Jquery mandatory.
  • No more manual imhuman_render() insertion anymore
  • Supports Multilanguage (English and French only for now)
  • No more cache or back key problems if you guess the answer wrong and go back in your browser
  • You can customize your instruction message in your own language or format also