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Free SIP-VoIP on iPhone 3G networks with patched Fring

Since I have been using my SIP and VoIP integrated Nokia my sister got jealous and wanted to use (my old) her new iphone as an internet phone as well. I have installed Fringe for SIP and Skype just to face that you can only use them if you are connected to WiFi.. well that sucks!

As you all know by now, Fring has made it’s way onto the AppStore two days ago. The big limitation that most of us found out is that it’s main functions of interest that made it stand out of the crowd, it’s VOIP capabilities, could only be accessed using Wifi. Most operators would very much prefer not giving the opportunity to its users to get a hand on VOIP Apps over their network. Why? They might lose money.

Well sorry for them since there’s now a way to Patch Fring so it can be used over the 3G or EDGE networks that’s been explained in detail on Fring’s message board.

His way will not work and SSH way is tooo long.

So here is my way.

  1. Download the patched Fring from http://www.iphonetechzone.com/2008/10/a-patch-released-to-use-fring-over-3g-networks/
  2. Have or Install AppSync 3.0 for iphone OS 3.0
  3. Sync with iTunes

you are set to go 😉 Well of course quality and delay depends on your network speed. In my test over vodafone 3G UK network with Iphone 3G, I had received good results with skype.. Not much delay or noise at all, and btw I live in a crappy reception zone.