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is new yahoo mail becoming the new hotmail?

I have been a yahoo user for over 10 years now and always been happy with them until recently. I am receiving the same damn spam message from same damn sender(s) with the same damn subjects over more than a year now. Everyday I woke up open my email to see constant 7 number in my spam box. Seriously what else a user can do other than tagging the freaking thing spam? What else do you need yahoo? I have to go and create a filter for you to just the trash the damn thing?

Here is the other deal and where the title comes from. As some of you may know, in like 4-5 years before webmasters used to ban hotmail accounts because it was so stupid, none of the posted emails made it to people's inbox not even spambox. Well most of the so called webmasters did not know what was going on so they just banned hotmail as a solution.

Now I have a small social network and a forum on this server. People gets notified by email if they choose to. Analyzing my server resources and user complaints I found out that yahoo emails always getting a 2 day defer at least! Now I have to explain tons of users why they can not recover their passwords or did not get notified although they so wanted to be. Here is the log from the mighty yahoo.

host in32.mxauth.yahoo.com []: 421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from
*.*.*.* temporarily deferred due to user complaints -;
see http://postmaster.yahoo.com/421-ts01.html

Well no user with right mind will click notify me and then say this is spam! I opened the postmaster support page to see the error is not actually that but my server is always sending them stuff so they are suspicious it may be spam or bulk. Suspicious?? wtf ?? check the freaking mail contents at least huh, ever seen a 1 kbyte spam mail??

I fill in the necessary fields with all the explanations they need, send in the support ticket 14 hours later the reply comes FROM A MACHINE. Sending me the same page contents I read before filling in the ticket form, only in text format this time. Seriously yahoo, whats up with you recently? so here is my sad reply against the new winds in yahoo.


Your automated system just replied to me with the same information on the yahoo website!
As I stated before yes we have huge activity (social network) and users choose to get notified by email.
Yahoo always deferring my emails and making my mail queue amazingly long, wasting my resources.
Poeple can not recover their passwords or registration operations due to defers.
If you are going to judge my server based on its constant activities and not solve the problem then I am afraid I will have to ban yahoo email usage and notifications.
I have been a yahoo user for nearly 10 years, while people were banning hotmail I never thought I will have to ban yahoo emails one day.

Yuksel Kurtbas

And you know what is the ironi in all this? Well check out my mailbox and where the support mail from original yahoo landed while spams made their way into my inbox.

Yahoo Mail Fail

Yahoo Mail Fail

Huh you say what about hotmail? it is still a joke what about it.. good for msn only

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